Game Programming Project – Scratch

We kept on programming. This time we used Scratch, a programming software.

Watch the process!

Now, play the game and have fun!!!!


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5 Responses to Game Programming Project – Scratch

  1. claudia says:

    Muy buen trabajo! me encantó Felicitaciones chicos!!!!

  2. Viviana traba says:


  3. jimena+labrador says:

    me encanto chicos buen trabajo !!! recien jugamos con Juan Cruz al de adivinar animales

  4. Lenny says:

    Congrats Junior 3!!!

    Great job!

    I’ve played the game and had lots of fun!!! 😉

    See U!

  5. Maru Diaz says:

    Dear Junior 3,

    Congrats on the amazing project! It’s a pleasure to see you working and learning so much! Keep it up!

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